10 harsh realities of sex that married couples don’t tell you

So what do you think of a married couple happily strolling in the garden, smiling at each other and looking really comfortable in each other’s company. They are so in love and probably have the best sex-equation ever! While we can’t comment on love and sex-equation but we do know that sex after marriage isn’t as hot and steamy as we like to think. Here are some harsh realities about sex after marriage.

1.Sex is a routine: Believe it or not, married couples go on an autopilot mode in bed just a few years into marriage. Remember, having sex with one partner day in and day out (we are not asking you to stray or cheat) can makes things monotonous.

2.You are not always on the same page when it comes to sex: Marriage doesn’t mean getting into the act together at night and enjoying it to the core. Work stress, kids, family issues all can work together and kill your mood for sex. So when one wants it badly, the other just wants to hit the snooze button.

3.You know each other inside out: There is very less left to explore in each other and so the excitement dies down when you have sex. You just know it where to tickle to get her going or how to touch to make him moan.

4.It gets boring with time: As you do it more often, it does get boring with time. No, experimentation with sex positions doesn’t always work.

5.Sex is like being in your comfort zone: Sex after marriage is like being in your comfort zone forever. No fear of performance issues or being a failure. You just know what will work for both of you and you just do it.

6.You are not attracted to your partner all the time: Nobody will admit this but the truth is you are not attracted to your partner some time, but will not confess this.

7.Sex doesn’t thrill you anymore: Yes, it becomes a task at times and you would want it to end and get a good night’s sleep as soon as possible. 8.Other commitments become more important than sex: You might not want to even have sex if you to wake up early the next morning and be at your desk on time or you need to attend the early morning PTA meeting. 9.Sex becomes a quickie always: If at all you are lucky to get into the mood and try some steamy moves, believe it, it usually ends up in a quickie.

10.You start enjoying the routine: What makes a marriage successful despite sex becoming a routine is that couples start to enjoy the routine sex even more. The smell of your partner, the moves and the touch is all too satisfying than the main act itself. And that is what keeps your marriage going. 


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