Comedy, Music and dissing at Laugh and forget yourself

Comedy enthusiast and fun lovers gathered yesterday for the maiden edition of LAUGH AND FORGET YOURSELF, organized by Owio Entertainment World at the ever trending Swagcity Lounge, Amai.

The duo, Mc Koliko and Apostle Paul performed like never before as they were the host of the event, together on stage, it was like laughing gas was sprayed in the atmosphere.

The event was not just about comedy but also an evening of music and dance. Musicians like Smallie hoe, Liz berg (the boy with the Ijaw swag), David d Genius, Shazzy, Governor, Mcaries, T-west and others electrified the audience with their performance.

One interesting incident that occurred  was when Mc Koliko called Rapperrranking to be the opening act for the night, Ranking got o stage, took the microphone and called back the Mc, telling him that he doesn’t think the Mc is aware of where they are, he further told him to rearrange his list then call him back because he cannot be the opening act. Walking back to his seat, the Mc fired back dissing Rapperranking and this of course made him walk out angrily but came back shortly after some persons rushed to calm him down.

After the whole comedy and music, the highlight f the show that got every one upstanding to get a clearer view was when the macosa dancers brought the man of the night, Mc Owio on stage for a lap dance, as if that wasn’t enough, they made him to lie flat on the bare floor, they got on top of him and the dancing and whining continued.

It was a remarkable night of comedy by Mc KK, Mc Black, Mc Douglas and Mashere. Though the event didn’t start at the specified time, everyone who attended left feeling like rock stars who had partied all night.


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