How to make a woman fall in love

He gives the answer to the question most men have struggled with for years. It is well known that men and women think differently, and neither usually tries to understand how the other thinks. Most women don’t understand why their husbands return home after a working day and leisurely accommodate themselves, sitting and doing nothing. What’s more, they even take offence when asked to help around the house. The same way with the men here: they get angry when their spouses try to shift some household cares onto them while they are eager to have a rest. This video will reveal the reason. The thing is that men and women employ different systems of behaviour evaluation. Mark Gungor discloses a secret to help every man score with women by applying minimal efforts. As a woman myself, I may confirm every word spoken by this psychologist with reference to women. It’s absolutely true. So, dear men, it’s time for action!

Use this performance by Mark Gungor as a manual for building up strong and happy relationships. Please, share this remarkable video with your friends.

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