Steps in becoming a good Entertainer

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is now crowded. Everyone thinks they have a talent. So if you are in the industry you want to beat the competition, whether you are a Singer, an actor, or a dancer. In order to get the greatest attention you have to be able not just to sing, act or dance, you have to be able to entertain the best. Everything else falls into place. Follow these simple steps below and you are on your way to being the best entertainer ever.


  1. Dare to be different. Its simple logic.

    If everybody does things the same

way and someone comes and does it somewhat differently, people will remember that someone. So watch your competition closely and try to outdo them. #*Remember this can go both ways, it’s either people like it or they don’t. So whatever you decide to do to be different, make sure it’s a step ahead of your pairs and even if it’s stupid, let it be the best stupid thing ever. Deliver it with grace and confidence and finesse. Gather around people who believe in you and can spur you on. A good example is D’banj, he didn’t know how to sing, so he talked his way through on a great beat by Don Jazzy and had the best team ever to spur him on, Mo’hits. They made him feel like the best until he became the best entertainer in Nigeria.

2. Build a brand. Let your attitude, costume, mode of talking and carriage speak of your brand. Do not form it. Create it and grow into it. Live it. Its better when your brand stems from something already in you. It becomes your skin. If you can’t figure it out by yourself get someone to figure it out for you. Entertainment business is not a joke, you need a good working team. Example: Olamide is known as the voice of the street. That’s his brand. His attitude and everything portrays that.

3. Work on your talent and improve on it. If you want to be an entertainer, let your focus not be on being the best in your chosen field, let your focus be how best entertain your audience. Because if you are the best and yet they don’t enjoy it, all you get is respect from your peers who are in your field (because they are the only ones who will truly understand what magic you performed) but you don’t get to have their fame and riches.

4. Learn your audience, focus on them, find out what they love most about you and build on it. If a less technical or crazy error will get them entertained, put a lid to your thoughts and beliefs and get them entertained.

Learn from Miley Cyrus. In an  interview with E! after her crazy weird 2013 MTV awards performance, she told E! that she wasn’t trying to be sexy on the show contrary to what people think, if I was trying to be sexy. “I can sing better than that she said, I can dance better than that”. Her aim was not to be the best singer/dancer or performer that night, her aim was to wow the crowd, so if she had to be less of a singer or dancer to do that, she had it done!

5. The audience does not know what they want but they notice the slightest change somehow without knowing what it really is and just begin to fall away. Never ever take your audience for granted. Every step or change must be in the right direction, every error must be creatively done. Make sure you’re confident. If you’re not confident then your audience will be confused.


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