Story of UWA – how I became a lecturer in Novena

He was the most popular Novena university student in his time and our biggest DJ. For those who are still guessing…..

Well let’s meet him

My name is Izebhokhae Uwa, graduate of Marketing from Bus Admin department now a graduate assistant lecturer of Novena university.

How did you get the job?

I graduated with a first class in my department, so the job was almost automatic because, when you graduate with a first class there is a possibility that the school will retain you as a lecturer.

Considering the fact that most students would reject any offer to stay back in Amai  (Novena temporal site) during vacation or after graduation because of lack of social amenities, comfort, security and others. Why did you accept to stay back?

I get that question a lot, some people will be like, how much are you paid as salary, but it’s not really about the salary, I feel its a chance to advance myself academically.  While I am here, I intend doing my masters and if possibility get to PHD level, then we can now look for the money.

Are you saying you will do your masters in Novena university?

Well I’ll do one of my masters degree here then, I’ll go out for the rest.

Will it still be in Marketing?

Yes, a masters in Marketing, an MBA then a PHD.

During the last convocation ceremony which you were a part of, the owner of Rain oil, Gabriel Ogbechie generously offered all first class graduates job at Rain Oil. Please tell us about it?

Its true, the owner of Rain Oil gave automatic employment to people who graduated with first class from Novena University….. ummm they had to submit their CV’s and I don’t know how far they have gone with it, but I think it will be a very nice development it they are actually given these jobs. But I think I prefer my stay here for the reason of my academic advancement, not because of the salary. If I was looking for money, I’d go to Rain Oil.

Are you saying that if Rain Oil call you for the job today, you’ll decline it?

I’ll decline it, because if I go, I won’t have time for my academics.

What height do you want to attain in your academic pursue?

My target is to be a professor.

Its no news that you were the biggest Dj in Novena during your undergraduate days, will you still Dj for us or its now strictly lecturing? 

Well, they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I had an active social life in school and I still have my active social life. I’m a lecturer doesn’t mean I will not have fun if I need to. I  guess being a Dj is still and will always be a part of me. So if there is a party, I could still hook you up (laughing).

Don’t you think there won’t be respect if your students see you scratching the wheel at a party and then see you in class tomorrow lecturing them?

I think there would be admiration,  he is good in this and also good in that, as far as I don’t “fall my hand in class” I know my stuff and know what I am made of and can impact knowledge in them, that is what is most important. But then again, my outing will be limited but still have fun. That’s just the difference.

How is your relationship with  students.

Well we have a cordial relationship.

Ok, do they still call you Uwa or Mr. Uwa?

They’ve started adding the “Mr.” to it (laughs).

How is lecturing so far?

Its been good, considering the fact that I have to read everyday before going to class, the experience has been good. We hope it will get better anyway, but so far, no bad experiences.

You’ve tasted the best of both world in same institution (student turned lecturer) what advice do you have for lecturers?

I can’t talk on the lecturer aspect because am new to it, but I can talk on the student aspect.

What is your advice to students?

Education is key, no matter what you want to do, be it fashion designing, modelling, football etc you must have a minimum of a Bsc degree then, you can do whatever you want to do. A whole lot of students are not serious, we have been there before, so we know know the outcome of the path they choose and when we advice them, they think you are just wasting your time. The painful truth is, it not a nice experience when you  are suppose to go to school and you don’t, at the end of the day, it’s hot tears you’ll shed.

Thanks for giving us your time Mr. Uwa

You’re welcome.

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